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Esseiva jewels made in Swiss

November 15, 2015

Esseiva, jewelry complete your look with style!
These classic and timeless jewelry worn with almost everything and harmonize with any outfit. This is fine jewelry, with little or no stones, rhinestones or pearls. At Esseiva there for all morphologies, because of course this comes into play.

Small people should avoid too heavy necklaces or jewelry, because it gives the illusion pack the silhouette. It is better to focus on fine jewelry, delicate or even colored. As for the relatively big people, they can dare the long necklaces.

The choice of earrings depend on the shape of the face. A round face well bear fine earrings, dangling or rings. Too big loops are to be avoided, the risk of accentuating the roundness effect. People with long faces should however avoid dangling earrings that accentuate this length. It will be oriented more towards no dangling earrings!

And do not forget the jewelry is like your outfit, must be in harmony with your skin tone.