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April 2016

Fashion Outfit

Spring outfit

April 29, 2016

Accessories of the day, one black bag from Lanvin and silver shoes from Zara!

The color trend of this spring, the silver that is consistent with all the colors, then associate it with the one you prefer. However to avoid bad taste, avoid the colors too garish.

My two favorite assocations with silver are white for a sleek look and black for a metallic look!

We often afraid to wear bright colors, so I hope this advice will help you to be more comfortable and daring originality while remaining class.

Fashion Outfit

My purse, my world of love

April 21, 2016

A woman bag remains one of the most practical and useful fashion accessory. Indeed, as a woman always needs to have some personal effects on it during the day, the bag serves to bring with it everything it needs, and this, according to each day and each situation she will live. Today I am in total black look, and to give some life to my outfit, I opt for the pink colour that gives a colorful touch and femininity while remaining sober.
It is important to complete an outfit. Everything is a matter of taste, of use and speed. Dont’ forget that the current trend is important.

This Furla bag is ideal at night when you do not have your whole life to carry. A lipstick, keys, some cash, a laptop and that’s it.

I also advise a small bag like this one or even larger than those of girls with small size, to maintain harmonious proportions. As for the shape of the bag, opt for rectangular shapes and rigid structures to balance your form.

Fashion Outfit

Life in red

April 11, 2016

Red, a color that I rarely wear but  there, impossible to miss this jacket. I am fan! A bold color but also sexy and glamorous.
Red  particularly matched with chestnuts. It also goes well with white and black.