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May 2016


The Smile

May 31, 2016

The “Smile” which for us is very important, it’s a power who radiates our face, it’s contagious, it sends positivity, it’s a gift for us and to others. So this afternoon I offer you mine!

“Smile, though your heart is aching
Smile, even if everything seems broken
When there are clouds in the sky
You don ‘t get out …
If you smile with your fears and your sorrows,
Smile, and maybe tomorrow
You’ll see the sun come back and shine for you … ”

Charlie Chaplin

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May 31, 2016

Candy, emotional equivalent of a big hug …

We know instinctively. As soon as one was child, candy manages to make us swallow our great sorrow.

Nothing like a candy to console a grumpy mood or sublimate a beautiful day.
This universal pleasure is synonymous with gentleness, friendliness or reward. Comforting, sweet remember all the heightened sensations of my childhood.

But far from being an individual pleasure, the candy is fun to share!


XXL Rings

May 31, 2016

The fine rings, it’s pretty, but the XXL rings, it’s fun too! Here you can dare fancy or eccentricity, this is what we expect from a big ring, the goal is not to go unnoticed but to create a real plus to your look.

If you make the choice to wear a big ring, it will take against by letting go of the other accessories, forget the big bracelet to go with, on the other hand you should avoid wearing too imposing ring if your fingers are short and thick. If you still are an unconditional lover of big rings and you do not have a pianist fingers, bet on an elongated shape that will create the illusion that your fingers are longer than in reality.

Do not forget the manicure, sort the color of your nails to your ring! Or conversely bet on contrast, such a beautiful turquoise ring with a coral varnish will be the most beautiful effect.


The Present Moment

May 29, 2016

The present moment.

Let’s stop tormenting us for a future that we can not control, or lamenting a past! This is what I admire about my son, at the age of two years has a capacity to be fully in the moment, what we adults have difficulty to live! So do like children, enjoy the time that we offered. We are living, there is indeed something beautiful to watch or listen around us, then seize this precious moment and taste it!

For a long time I thought my life would begin. The truth Life !
But there was always an obstacle on the road, something he
had to be resolved first, doubts a debt to pay, a lack of confidence, fears …
Today I realized that these obstacles are precisely MY LIFE!
This perspective helped me to understand that there is not a path that leads
to happiness.

Happiness is the way!

Fashion Outfit


May 23, 2016

You are chic or female, wear a giant necklace is very fashionable in the latest collections of accessories. Here I am wearing a gold necklace Ideal for tanned skin or if you simply By displaying a lovely neckline.
The necklace gives great allure to a woman, it is necessary to make the right choice with it, that will match you, the little people should avoid too heavy necklaces or jewelry, because it gives the illusion to pack the silhouette . It is better to focus on fine jewelry, delicate or even colored. For the tall people, they can choose the long necklaces.
The choice of earrings depend on the shape of the face. A round face well bear fine earrings, dangling or rings. of ears too big loops are to be avoided, the risk of accentuating the roundness effect. People with long faces should however avoid dangling earrings that accentuate this length. It will be oriented more towards non dangling earrings!

For the summer season, the favorde is on fine jewelry, colorful, fantasy or choker. It is important to treat the neck while wearing a summer dress with an original necklace, colorful and in harmony with the dress.

The jewelry is there to improve  and sublimate the outfit, so choose the jewel who will be in harmony with your outfit.

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Pineapple mood

May 12, 2016

This spring, you do not miss out on two trends Deco flagship: the cactus and pineapple! The shops are full of decorative objects declining both grounds. The cause of my love for these two motif is the desire of green, this exotic feeling in my heart and gives me the impression of being on vacation in California or on a paradise beach while … not leaving my couch!

Did you know that pineapple is also a diuretic and detoxifying? You should try before summer arrives!



May 11, 2016

We all need to spend a day to take care of us from time to time. Take a day off to take care of your body and mind, lounging in a bubble bath and varnish nails can work wonders to give you energy and motivation. Even if you are overworked, if you feel the need to unwind and relax, you really should give yourself a day to regenerate your body and your mind. This will give you energy and positive thoughts you need to enjoy life.

So to start a good day of cocooning wake up naturally, drag a bit in bed, tossing and turning under your fluff. From the first step out of bed, put on your favorite outfit inside, mine is a soft trousers with a soft top or a men’s shirt and I like ti up my hair. So, are you ready to do nothing?


Essie my obsession

May 3, 2016

Having beautiful nails is still important for a woman. You are elegant, you have pretty hands and it shows.
There was a time when I was doing the nails with gel and the desire to change all 4 days of colors I missed so I opted for the more natural nail polish.

I selected here the Essie brand, I love it! Each nail inspiration! For this latest collection Palm Beach, these six colors have a distinct personality, but all are a little ray of sunshine in a bottle.

So we begin by well file your nails,  pushes back the cuticle, apply a protective base, apply a first coat of nail polish, a second one, top coat and you end up putting a nourishing oil for a clean effect

Now that you have nimble fingers, it only remains to show. And once again the scale point his nose.


L’Oréal Paris, Revitalift.

May 2, 2016

Since I exceed thirty years old, I can begin to warn my wrinkles, so I tested the range REVITALIFT FILLER of L’Oréal Paris, which brings me after 3 weeks, toned and firmer skin, thank you to the Hyaluronic Acid Concentrate!

To complete the whole, if you are looking for a good eye cream, here is one, with his metal tips, it immediately provides a sense of freshness and hydration, what help to warn the appearance of wrinkles and the texture is fresh, light and it smells good!