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June 2016


Color Riche Lip Palette | L’Oréal Paris

June 29, 2016

If you like me love to have in your bag half your bathroom, this rich palette Color light and compact lip is for you!

The time of each opening, you will feel like an artist with his brush and colors of six shades of red or nude with matte and satin textures, dune color for every occasion.

And since nothing should be left to chance, we accompany her lipstick a pretty pose POLISH OIL. Easily applicable and accompanied by a sprinkle smell, it will complement any look a little delicate touch.

Endless red for a perfect agreement between lips and nails.

A must have!

Fashion Lifestyle

The lace by Adori

June 23, 2016

As we know, this summer 2016 is lace which the return on Haute Couture, both romantic and sexy, you can wear it today at the evening but also in casual look-

My two favorite pieces found in the Adori shop is the perfect yellow dress for the beach and the lace bodysuit that I will combine with a masculine jacket for the day and jeans and a pair of heels for a night out with friends.

This shop “sur mesure” concept allows to preorder and give-even more individual look to our models and will personalize clothing for different ages Including kids and maternity wear. So if like me when I was pregnant you didn’t  find anything to put you in value, it is here that you will find your happiness and you will feel good in your dress even pregnant.

All the parts exposed are limited edition aim always in the trend of the moment with a couture effect!

Fashion Outfit

Blue short jeans

June 21, 2016

In the city or the beach, shorts jeans , it’s like the little black dress: any self-respecting woman must have one!

My favorite for this summer shorts high waist at Tommy Hilfiger with his cool attitude and vintage, it agrees with most of my clothes and shoes.

Little tip, the higher the short shorts over heels must be small and vice versa. And if like me you do not have the height of a poduim model, create the illusion of longer legs with short shorts.


Mgirod, Brazilian bikini

June 20, 2016

Searching for the perfect small Brazilian bikini?

The Brazilian bikini is undoubtedly the undisputed star of the summer, this sexy swimsuit reveals part of your buttocks, it will let you make dreams legs and give the impression of lengthening, while visually reducing the size of your buttocks!
And yes I have recently discovered, more they are covered more they seems large! I’m not a fan of Brazilian bikini but it was the first time I tried those from  Mgirod , I was not comfortable the first 5 minutes but after seeing how this type of jersey put forward the strengths of a woman , I felt good.

For moms, stop in there and find a matching shirt for your child.


Ice-watch, City Tanner

June 15, 2016

Although the watch’s primary function is to be useful, it does not prevent it from being aesthetic.

The new city Tanner Ice-Watch gives you not the feeling to not go reading time elsewhere? An elegant watch that attaches to any look with its smooth leather strap available in 8 colors, I’ve opted in glossy pink I did not hesitate to join it with my summer jewelry!


Clarins Sun powder

June 14, 2016

Every year I have the same ritual, I need my sun powder who I care everywhere.
Here in limited edition, I fall for that of Clarins. I apply all over the face both matte shades and I accentuate the cheekbones with apricot hue. The extras, it smell good summer, a gold iridescent touch iso on the game who gives a natural healthy glow!


Komono sunglasses

June 13, 2016

The sunglasses are now the must-have for summer. I am an addict of sun glasses, I love them very special. Here a pair of Komono hexagon-shaped to give you a retro-futuristic look. I fall for their shift glasses with low prices!