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July 2016


Nude magic Cushion, L’oréal

July 30, 2016

Do you know the “tap tap” moment?
The new cushion nude magique is here to make you feel this moment.
With just some “tap tap” it allows to get you a glowy shade!


The bra

July 29, 2016

The bra, this small piece of tissue that evokes both intimacy, coquetry, charm and especially the lives of women since antiquity.

The brand that makes me obsess every time is
“Victoria’s Secret”, unfortunately we do not find it here in Switzerland, but there is a shop online in their website, or you have to travel to America like me and rob all her shop! I can’t do otherwise, their underwear have a perfect wife to the morphology of each women, comfortable coating and super sexy set!


Fashion Lifestyle

Kink création

July 26, 2016

I always had a lot of difficulty finding similar items for mom and son, there I finally found an African stylist who offers this style of service. It’s simple, she can pimp you old clothes that push you to recycle or you ask her to match your child with you but with her ideas. Here she chose a necklace and a ring matched with African motifs she sewed on a child t-shirt. They are unique pieces because everything is handmade!

We go on his instagram “Kink creation” and writte her a message 😉


Diwa ma touche ethnique

July 11, 2016

The concept of DIWA is simple: “my ethnic touch.” The goal is to bring you the extra touch that will dress up any outfit whether for everyday or for special occasions. This button will only me yours and that is what will make the difference.

Fashion Lifestyle

Elisa Breder, Fitness wear

July 1, 2016

For the love of fitness, why not to stay fashionable and feminine when you are goinf to make your sport? Here’s a new way of dressing for sports, clothing fits directly to your forms!

Elisa Breder native of Brazil, holds a fitness clothing store and sports in Geneva. She works with the best Brazilian brand that offers casual clothing, light, colorful and full of joy like those worn by the Brazilians!

Here is the new trend that is just beginning, for those who want to stay attractive and look after their appearances, even while playing sports.